Wildtree is changing it’s party shipping process — YIPPEEEEEEE

I’m am on the training call RIGHT NOW with Gina Thayer explaining the ins and outs of our new Direct to Customer shipping on PARTIES!

In January, Wildtree is offering a new shipping option on party orders. This will be a huge incentive to both hosts and guests. Now the hostess can choose if they want to get and distribute all of her guests items (guests will pay $5.75 flat shipping rate for this option) OR she can have the items sent direct to each of her guests door (guests will pay a $6.95 flat rate or 10% of orders over $70)!

This new process is so exciting and will expedite things for everyone — from you as a host or guest to me as a Wildtree rep and to our warehouse processors as well! And on my end as the rep there is no change. But for you as a guest the price for shipping has actually been reduced! Before the lowest direct ship amount in a party order was $7.20.

And as a host that has 6 direct ship orders with a total party order over $200 you will get your order, rewards and half price items shipped to your door FREE!

I love being able to jump onto these training calls with our VP and home office from time to time and here info and instruction straight from them and be able to get immediate answers as well. Great being part of a company that is still so in touch with their sales force!

If you are a rep looking for the full FAQ sheet on the new Direct to Customer Shipping; go to the resource center, policies and FAQs and you’ll see the sheet as a download option.

Do you take advantage of your sales training calls?